When I was a kid and saw a spandex photo of a girl in a leotard it would excite me, when I saw a photo of a guy on the swim team wearing a spandex bikini it would excite me. With the Olympics going on as I type this and seeing the fantastic athletes wearing all kinds of spandex suits that are skin tight one photo seems t o be better then the next. Creating spandex photo art is another pleasure I enjoy and I have shot many models in hot Lycra suits.


Have you ever imagined of a spandex photo or a picture where you and your partner are wearing spandex as a fetish? Well having spandex photos like this is never impossible if you and your partner are comfortable with it. Spandex garments are often preferred by dancers, swimmers, rowers, circus performers and contortionists, and spandex maniacs may integrate fantasies about these activities into their obsessions. Spandex fetishism is a kind of obsession for people towards wearing stretch fabrics or the garments themselves.

 Besides latex and leather, spandex is the most popular clothing engrossment around. It was in 1970 when spandex was popularized by the fetish communities and from there onwards spandex has gone on to achieve major recognition. Since most of the people are contented and known with spandex so your dreams of clicking a photo is now, when you and your partner are getting cozy while wearing spandex.

Why has it become an obsession or fetishism for many? It is due to the fact that spandex or such tight fabrics of the same kind, when worn are just like your ‘second skin’; the layer thus formed when you wear such a tight garment is like a skin above your real flesh. So just think how awesome it would be when you fantasize of you and your beloved getting fetish in a spandex photo together.


You can also develop fantasies after wearing spandex that you appear to be nude. It is so because the spandex Lycra is meant to cover your body though it is so tight to your body that it may reveal your parts. It also sometimes looks alike as if your body is painted. If you have a spandex photo of you and your partner then it might just reveal you that spandex are also termed for sexual bondage between two humans.
In some comic books, superheroes, and other characters are generally portrayed as wearing outfits made of spandex or a similar material. The skin tight, flashy and bright-colored costumes which cover only our body are shown abundantly through these comic characters. Spandex fetishism herein refers to one’s fantasies involving superheroes wearing the spandex like.


How to have a spandex photo?


Till now you might have always wondered about how to introduce your partner to spandex so that you can have a spandex photo together being fetish in spandex. Here are some methods through which you can introduce your partner to your spandex fetish by making them aware of spandex clothing. You may or may not have introduced your partner to a sex toy or lingerie for intimate junctures but many couples do the same. So make up your mind that if your mind that if it is your next anniversary then the best gift that you would be planning to gift your partner would be a spandex clothing, and this is how you both can experience the spandex fetishism and can have a spandex photo together.


If you have a long lasting spandex fetishism then it is good that you also mingle with the other fetish lovers by visiting some fetish clubs. Even if they are more into latex or leather, there are chances that they will still understand your spandex fetish and would be willing to indulge in with you. There is no denying the fact that the most metropolitans and cosmopolitans cities will have clubs dedicated to spandex fetishism enthusiasts.
When you are ready to have your partner for the spandex photo then this is just the right time to start getting socialized, so as to make them comfortable. You can visit clubs and have social gatherings where you meet people with spandex fetishism like yours. It is also true that for some these fetish clubs can be daunting, but that doesn't mean you can't find others from the same genre that will be enjoying spandex. You can also motivate your partner to join a cycling club, since the cycling dress is also made from spandex.
You can also throw a spandex party for your partner if you want to click both for spandex photos. It is also been observed that many Halloween costumes are manufactured from spandex, a costume party can be a great idea to get your partner into spandex outfits and you can have splendid spandex photos for both of you.

Also look out if you could manage to buy some sporting-goods that come in spandex Lycra. Most of the stores will definitely have the conventional spandex clothing, such as sports bras and shorts. There are some online stores like which can offer you these fulfill your spandex fetishism.
You can also wear spandex under your normal clothing in routine. You can appreciate the comfortable and cozy fit of spandex even if you are wearing a pair of spandex shorts under your business suit throughout the day. And this can be your answer to the spandex kink inside you while going as per your daily routine.

 You can also use internet as a medium to satisfy yours and your partner’s spandex fetish. You can pose yourself for various spandex photos and can participate in the spandex-themed porn. Also spandex fetishes are fairly common and it would be easy for you to find adult websites that feature models wearing spandex attires. If you want to have this fun with your partner then internet pornography can be a means to gratify your fetish privately.


This site is dedicated to the love of spandex and finding the perfect spandex photo that will turn you on to spandex too.  My personal favorites are of men wearing hot spandex swimwear and workout wear but we will also feature women wearing wonderful and sexy spandex too after all I love just about any man or woman wrapped up in sexy spandex posed in that perfect spandex photo. Many of the photos will feature bikinis, thongs, G-strings and spandex fetish wear. I am just getting into hot photos of men wearing micro shorts and spandex tights. Some of the most amazing ones include the male form shots where the spandex wraps beautifully around the penis like a second skin. Like most men I enjoy seeing a nice camel toe spandex shot and I also find the new male camel toe transformation photos super hot too.  I will share my passion for erotic Lycra photos with you and will try to add more photos every week or so. I have also included links to some of my favorite spandex sites, ones that in their own right have some of the hottest spandex photos you will ever see.

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